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Abid Ali Wife Requests Media To Act Responsibly!

Abid Ali one of the biggest names of the Pakistani media industry is hospitalized for some time now.

His daughter Rahma Ali is updating his fans regarding his status while his followers all over the world are praying for Abid Ali speedy recovery.

His wife Rabia Abid Ali also asks his fans and followers to pray for him in a video message. She requests them all to remember him in prayers considering he is quite unwell.

Abid Ali

She also took media to the cleaners for reporting his death without any confirmation. She requests the Social media and Electronic media to act in a responsible way and think about the consequences of their irresponsible behavior.

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She blasted the channels that aired the news without confirmation from the family.
She further said in the video message that media should first check their facts, they don’t know how badly his family is being affected by this stunt.

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Considering the popularity of the legendary actor, people were deeply saddened and the news went viral until it was dismissed by his daughter. Rahma Ali shared the news that her father is still alive, and requested to stop spreading the fake news through her Instagram account.

We really hope that the veteran actor has a speedy recovery and our prayers are with his family in this tough time.

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