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About us

Drama Baaz is a platform which is focused towards keeping the audience updated with drama serials. Drama Baaz provides current updates across all entertainment channels of the drama serial, soaps, sitcoms that are on air and soon to be on the air. We will talk about their basic stories, progress and popularity among the viewers. The drama which is worth watching and which content may not be worth your time. We give you an update on the progress and week by week updates on your favourite serials with trivia and storylines. A complete round up of what’s on and what is being produced so that you know what’s coming next. Not only this, but we will also do Vlogs of the trending drama serials, so you know all within no time. Did you missed the last episode? Worry not because we will also be coming up episode summaries, so you never miss even the slightest bit of your favourite drama.

Stay tuned for your daily dose of drama entertainment.