Anaa Episode 22 – Review – HUM TV

Hania Aamir, Shahzad Sheikh, and Usman Mukhtar remain the center of attention in Anaa episode 22 as the story takes new turns and twists with even more complicated relationships.

Anaa episode 22 proved to be another emotional roller coaster. In the last episode, Daneen (Hania Aamir) and Areesh (Shahzad Sheikh) ran away from their families. They are now hiding in an apartment together and are planning to move out of the country.

Finally, it was great to see the old Daneen back as she was seen smiling and laughing throughout the episode. Areesh has also realized his mistakes. However, he’s still in touch with Anya (Areeba Shahood Alvi) who is helping them to get out of the country.

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If we think from Anya’s perspective, she’s always loved Areesh and prioritize his happiness above all. She’s happy to live the rest of life remaining associated with his name and wants to see him happy and grow with Daneen. Areesh also tells Daneen about what happened between him and Anya but how she is still on their side.

Daneen and Areesh know that if Ghazanfar (Shamyl Khan) or Saif (Alamdar Khan) find out about their location, they both won’t think for a moment before they kill them.

For Saif, it’s about his honor and reputation as a politician because his wife has left him for some other guy. He’s very furious yet he can’t do anything as his career will be on the stake. Still, he’s resilient that he won’t divorce Daneen because, in the end, it’s his ego that will come into play.

Ghazanfar is annoyed yet helpless as he can’t believe his only son would leave him for Daneen. He is also having a hard time to convince Altamash (Usman Mukhtar) to marry Nashwa but we know, that won’t happen either.

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Where Izzah (Naimal Khawar) and Altamash share mutual affection but they are still reluctant to express their feelings. It was sad to see Kabir’s expression after he realizes that Izzah was only spending time with him because she spotted Altamash in the same restaurant. And, that didn’t end up well either as Altamash and Kabir come face to face after Kabir misbehaves with Izzah.

We cannot think of another actor who could play the role of Altamash better than Usman Mukhtar. His expressions, dialogue delivery and the intensity in his voice keep us hooked to the screens. Moreover, his chemistry with Naimal Khawar also drool-worthy.

Directed by Shahzad Kashmiri, Anaa episode 22 was a power-packed episode on the whole. We loved how these characters we have grown to love have developed. Writer Sameer Fazal has done an impeccable job to incorporate the reality of life along with a mix of drama and emotions to give us such an intriguing story.

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