Armeena Khan Slams Twitter for Censoring Content About the Kashmir Issue

Armeena Khan is not at all happy with this step by Twitter censoring content related to the Kashmir issue and withholding accounts taking part in the discussion

Armeena Khan is loved by many for speaking her heart out on human rights and social issues on social media.

The Pakistani-Canadian actress has also been vocal about the Kashmir issue on Twitter since the last few days. Being an active humanitarian, Armeena is raising her voice in support of the Kashmiris after India revoked Jammu & Kashmir’s special status.

The Kashmir issue remained the top trend on Twitter throughout this week as people keep sharing their stance on this ongoing debate.

However recently, Armeena Khan has slammed Twitter for censoring content about the Kashmir dispute and withholding accounts talking about it.

Armeena Khan wrote:

Twitter is withholding important voices. This happened to Hamza Abbasi not too long ago on Facebook. I moved here from Facebook because I felt I would not be able to voice my opinions. I guess, I’ll need to look for another platform soon.

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Armeena Khan shared the letter by UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression David Kaye. In this letter, Mr. Kaye mentioned that Twitter has withheld user’s accounts and tweets when they participated in a discussion concerning Kashmir on the micro-blogging.

In another Tweet, the Sherdil actress has also asked others to share of Twitter has silenced their ‘legitimate’ opinion. 

If twitter has silenced a LEGITIMATE opinion that you’ve shared pls post your screenshots here. It is time, these platforms were held to account. I personally have reported nearly a 100 abusive accs and nothings been done. #humanrights.”


Previously, Armeena shared that she reported many abusive accounts and Twitter bots but no action was taken


Why do you think Twitter is censoring Kashmir related content? Let us know in the comments below.

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