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Ayesha Omar Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed

Ayesha Omar talks about being sexually harassed in BOL Nights With Ahsan Khan

Actress Ayesha Omar recently appeared in an interview in BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan in which she opened up about facing sexual harassment in her career.

The Bulbulay actress stressed the importance of talking about sexual harassment and said that the #MeToo movement is very important as it has empowered the victims to talk about their trauma.

Ayesha Omar added that there are many men and women in our industry who have been a victim of sexual harassment.

 This movement is extremely important because it takes a lot for the people who’ve been victims to open up about their experiences. There are so many men and women in our own industry who have been through it.

Talking about how famous personalities are now coming out to share their past experiences, Ayesha thinks it is very brave of them and it would definitely help others to talk about their traumas as well.

Right now we are talking about people who are a little known because they usually get noticed. If an average person makes claims, not many people will talk about it.

If anybody in any phase of life gets the courage to talk about something, I think its commendable and it is a very brave movement.

Ayesha clarified that the #MeToo movement might have been exploited by some people but it wasn’t meant for that.

And, it might have been exploited as well but the movement’s intention itself was not to exploit at all.

The actress further talked about being sexually harassed but she doesn’t have the courage to talk about it yet.

Ayesha Omar hopes to get the courage to talk about it someday but she can relate to the trauma of everyone who has been a victim.

Because I have been through harassment in my life and career, I understand how it feels. I don’t have the courage to talk about it yet, maybe someday I will but I can totally relate to everybody who has been through it.

It can take one 20 years, another only one, while for some it takes two minutes. People can come out whenever.

Watch the video of Ayesha Omar from BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan

Ayesha Omar is currently working on her upcoming film ‘Dhai Chaal’ alongside Shamoon Abbasi. She plays the role of a journalist from Balochistan in this crime-thriller revolving around RAW agent Kulbushan Jadhav and is expected to release this year.

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