Ayesha Omar to Make a Private Instagram Account to Avoid Trolls

The gorgeous Ayesha Omar is loved by her millions of followers around the world. Be it her acting and singing skills or her Instagram pictures, we simply cannot stop adoring her.

However, the diva recently shared that she will make a private Instagram account to avoid the hatred she receives on her pictures and we cannot be more disappointed!

Taking to Instagram, Ayesha sounded quite disappointed and heartbroken from the reaction of people on her vacation pictures.

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Ayesha Omar is also a travel enthusiast and a music buff and she is currently vacationing in Ibiza, Spain. As always, the diva kept us updated about her fun time during this trip through pictures and stories but she received a lot of hatred from people.

It looks like Ayesha has had enough with all the trolls and hate comments and she won’t share her fun time and travel vlog with her followers anymore. Not even the DJ’s and music! *sigh*

Here’s what Ayesha Omar wrote:

So I’ve deleted all my stories, the ones with all the DJ’s and music. Thanks to all your hate, I’ll be making a private Instagram account very soon and that’s where I’ll share those with my friends and family. Should’ve done it sooner actually. Don’t need none of them negative vibes in my life… Light and Love

ayesha omar

As soon as Ayesha posted this story, her diehard followers came in support of the actress. They made sure to send their love to the diva, requesting her not to make her Instagram account private.

ayesha omar

Ayesha acknowledged the outpouring love from her fans and thanked them for sending ‘positive vibes’.

Here’s what she wrote in another story:

Friends have been replying all day to my story post about not posting vacation stories. My DM is full of loving supportive messages. But I Just went through a few messages from fans in my other dm folder. There are thousands and thousands of messages sending so much love and support and asking me to not stop posting my travel videos, (especially the ones with music). It’s actually quite heartwarming. It’s making me feel extremely emotional and loved. Thank you, my fan family, for all the love, light and positive vibes you’re sending my way. It means so much.

ayesha omar

It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or not, the hate comments and trolls on the internet can make anyone upset. It’s high time for us to understand that our words can hurt a person more than we realize.

However, we are happy that Ayesha Omar’s fans made sure to tell the actress they will always love her no matter what.

Because imagine not having Ayesha Omar on our Instagram feeds anymore. Surely, that’s not a sight to behold!

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