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Broadcaster Of Ertugrul TRT Launches A YouTube Channel For Pakistani Audience

Broadcaster of Ertugrul TRT launches a YouTube channel for Pakistani Audience

Ertugrul premiered on PTV home during the month of Ramadan and became an instant hit among the Pakistani viewers. The series received so much love from the Pakistani’s that its broadcaster Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) has launched a YouTube channel for the Pakistani audience.

The broadcaster TRT has a lineup of shows like Payitaht: Abdulhamid, and Bir Zamanlar Osmanli: Kıyam alongside Dirllis: Ertugrul. They have posted some episodes from two of their shows Payitaht: Abdulhamid and Elimi Bırakma on their new YouTube Channel for the Pakistani audience.

The channel is about only a week old and currently, the available shows are not dubbed in Urdu, but they have Urdu subtitles for the people to understand easily.

A foreign drama being promoted on the national television to such extent that the Prime Minister of the country himself suggests it to the public caused mixed reactions from the local industry. As many showed their discontent with the promotion while others welcome this decision.

Many celebrities believe airing Turkish dramas in the country will dent the local industry significantly as the viewership of local dramas will reduce. While the others welcome the competition and believe that it will help the local industry to innovate and find new stories and concepts rather than sticking to the same old repeated concepts.

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Then there was also the controversy surrounding the dress of the female Turkish actresses on their social media channels. Well, we have all seen what most of our drama serial actresses wear on the awards shows, etc. We are not saying that it’s good, but is this a good excuse to stop showing a foreign drama when most of our actresses are doing almost the same themselves in their outside lives.

Well, the point is an increase in competition will force our industry personnel to think outside the box and produce even higher quality serials and if they are good people will watch it, no matter how many foreign products get being promoted in the country.

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