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Bushra Ansari Apologizes For Using Harsh Words Against Drama Critics

Bushra Ansari’s harsh comments on Lubna Faryad didn’t go well on social media!

Veteran actress Bushra Ansari got herself into an unnecessary controversy when she decided to make harsh comments over a drama critic Lubna Faryad, popularly known as Amma . However, the actress has realized her mistake and issued an apology through her Instagram account.

Amma TV Aur Main is an online show that is famous for their reviews of local dramas and adding their Punjabi accent touch to it. The show is co-hosted by Lubna Faryad (Amma) and her son Momin Ali Munshi where they criticize as well as praise the work of local actors.

Bushra’s harsh reaction came after the review show made fun of Asma Abbas and Zara Noor Abbas’s poor acting skills in their latest review. Bushra’s comment for Amma was harsh, and although she deleted her comments the fire was already spread throughout social media platforms.

The veteran actress has now admitted that she overreacted in the heat of the moment and issued an apology through her Instagram account. She tried to explain that artists, directors, writers, and producers put a lot of creative effort in their project, so much so that the project becomes like a child to them.

They want their hard work to be appreciated by the viewers and it hurt them so badly when someone makes fun of or ridicules their months of hard work.

She said, “I believe that everyone has a right to like or dislike our work but language is important.” The choice of words is of extreme importance when you want to honestly criticize someone’s work so that they don’t get hurt badly and instead it should encourage them to improve on those aspects of their trade.

“I realize that last week, I overreacted and wrote harsh words on Instagram. In a moment, I realized my mistake and deleted it but in the time of social media, it became a tamasha and sadly, spread like fire.”

She also went on to admit that she didn’t handle her outburst well and used very harsh words against the Munshi family. She then clarified that she has no hard feelings for them and for anyone who criticized her over the recent controversy and has urged all to pick their words carefully while posting something on social media to avoid unnecessary controversies.

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