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Chitta kukkar OST Burfi Aur Laddo (Wedding Song) – Jabir Abbas & Komal Rizvi

Get ready for the “Biggest Wedding of the Year” in #BarfiAurLaddo! Original Sound Track: Barfi Aur Laddo Singer: Jabir Abbas and Komal Rizvi Composition: Qasim Azhar  OST Director: Zeeshan Ansari Producer: Abdullah Seja OST D.O.P: Usman Malkani OST Editor: Wasay Fasi (Q-Links) Drama Director: Syed Ramish Rizvi Script Writer:Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt D.O.P: Kaleem Hussain Siddiqui […]

Kaisa Hain Naseebaan

This serial, which is set in Malaysia and Pakistan, will cast Ramsha Khan opposite Muneeb Butt. The drama is being directed by Ahmed Bhatti. This drama will take a look at the issue of domestic abuse. It will also focus on general trends related to arranged marriages.

Cheekh – ARY Digital

The serial will star Saba Qamar opposite Bilal Abbas Khan. It’s been said that Fahad Mustafa will be directing this one. The serial seems to be oriented towards women’s issues. The teaser trailer didn’t reveal much though but given all the star power behind it, this one will keep us glued to the screen no […]