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Cheekh Episode 25 ARY Digital – Review

Cheekh Episode 25

Cheekh comes on board with a thrilling episode which manages to grab our eyeballs through and through. Cheekh episode 25 elucidates some central developments which will turn the tables soon.

Cheekh Episode 25

Cheekh episode 25 begins with Mannat (Saba Qamar) who undergoes a panic attack when Wajih (Bilal Abbas) comes to visit her. Therefore, she is shifted to the mental ward where, as per Aqil Zada (Shabbir Jan)’s instructions, she is given a heavy dose of medicines so that she loses it. Afterward, Haya (Azikeh Daniel) comes to know about the reality about Wajih’s crime and she is dumbfounded. Moreover, Shayaan (Emad Irfani) after witnessing Mannat’s bad condition; comes to blows with Wajih and tries to kill himself with a gun.

Cheekh Episode 25

Cheekh Episode 25 is an absolute entertainer which manages to give us goosebumps at various levels. The episode has a lot to offer, and after a long time, Cheekh has engrossed us in terms of good content. I believe there is something huge going to happen in the next episode, which will open up new avenues of the plot. Haya and Wajih’s conversation is classic and summarizes the sibling challenges of our society.

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The episode entails a lot of good performances: Shabbir Jan’s wickedness is to die for. He very masterly delivers a genuine performance whereas Azikeh Daniel outshines in her role categorically. Saba Qamar has less to do in the episode but still performs impactfully. Bilal Abbas is the king of expressions, as he flawlessly displays the damaging sentiments. Emad Irfani looks different when angry, in a good way. On the whole, Cheekh has closed with a cliffhanger and I reckon that a plethora of plot-twisting advancements is on their way.

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