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Cheekh Episode 26 ARY Digital – Review

Cheekh Episode 26

Cheekh episode 26 reveals a shocking development which leaves us absolutely dumbfounded. We were not ready for the spin experienced by the story; however, it has given birth to a new dimension.

Cheekh Episode 26

Cheekh episode 26 begins with an unconscious Mannat (Saba Qamar) who is being injected unfavorable drugs by the doctor. However, Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) gets to know that Wajih (Bilal Abbas) is behind Mannat’s current state and rebukes him badly. Mannat finally begins to recover and is taken home by Shayaan (Emad Irfani), on the other hand, the court issues a stay order to the case. Afterward, Wajih visits Shayaan and both after exchanging hot words, fight with each other. Resultantly, Shayaan hits his head with the nearby table and dies. Wajih gets scared and gives his confession to Yawar, who goes in shock.

Cheekh Episode 26
Cheekh episode 26 gives us goosebumps successfully. What a surprising twist, we have witnessed and honestly it has complemented the story. Although, the second consecutive death in the play makes it astronomical and a bit natural for the viewers to absorb but still the fine technical execution overshadows that glitch. The scene where Shayaan collapses is so natural that is actually gives you a jerk and surely is the highlight of the episode. I think the story is going to take a few incredible turns following Shayaan’s demise; Mannat’s patience and placidness even after this huge loss definitely indicate the silence before the storm.

The episode belongs to Bilal Abbas for his emotional brilliance; he cries and expresses his intense emotions effortlessly. Saba Qamar and Emad Irfani share magnetic chemistry, and the way the gender roles variation is being portrayed is completely mesmerizing and equally laudable. Rest of the characters help in moving the narrative forward. We can’t wait to see what is going to happen next, since the story has started to follow a brand-new track.

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