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Darr Khuda Say Episode 12 – Review -Har Pal Geo

Darr Khuda Say Episode 12 brings a storm in Afreen’s life as Shahvez succeeds to manipulate her with fake pictures

Darr Khuda Say Episode 12 aired last night and the story has entered a very serious phase. We knew since the start that this drama will talk about office harassment and sexual abuse. Having it seen on our TV screens is even though unusual, but it will definitely spread awareness in the society.

In the last episode, we saw how Afreen’s (Sana Javed) colleague creates fake pictures of her as per the command of their Boss Shahvez (Imran Abbas).

Where none of his tricks worked on Afreen in the past, he gets lucky this time. Shahvez successfully manages to play with her mind by showing her picture and his utmost disappointment in her. At first, he scares her by putting all the blame on Afreen and telling her how it will go viral on the internet and she won’t able to face anyone, not even her family.

Knowing her family background, Afreen goes in a state of shock as she nothing to prove herself except for crying out loud in front of Shahvez. And that’s where he plays his game again and comes to her as a savior who trusts yet reminds her that the world would never.

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This scene was really heartbreaking when Afreen’s face spoke on behalf of our helplessness. Sana Javed did an excellent job to portray her state of mind.

Whereas, Imran Abbas once again left us awestruck and furious as Shahvez is becoming the most captivating bad guy on our TV screens. And we cannot help but appreciate Imran Abbas for making us hate him all over again every week.


Written by Sarwat Nazeer, Darr Khuda Say also addressed the problems of egoistic issues in marriages. Tamkeen (Kiran Haq) and Rasheed (Saleem Mairaj) were shown to have a good bond and they both fell for each other after not having a good first marriage.

Even though they both are adult, Tamkeen’s father (Qavi Khan) straightaway refuses Rasheed’s proposal just because he’s owns a vegetable shop despite being financially stable. Where Rasheed truly respects Tamkeen, but he loses patience after her father insults his family and his background.

darr khuda say episode 12

This was yet another heart-wrenching scene because Rasheed was the only person to whom Tamkeen felt comfortable with and didn’t hide behind the wall of anger. She trusts him that he will take her away from her miserable.

Sadly enough, Rasheed felt really humiliated and he blames Tamkeen for calling her at their house. Both, Kiran Haq and Saleem Mairaj, stole the show in that scene and it left us teary-eyed.

darr khuda say

Directed by Anjum Shahzad, Darr Khuda Say Episode 12 took us on an emotional ride while discussing social evils to create awareness in the society. Let’s see how Shahvez will use the fake pictures card in the future to manipulate Afreen for his own lust.

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