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Darr Khuda Say Episode 16 – Review – Har Pal Geo

Darr Khuda Say Episode 16 –  Shahvez Stoops to a New Low!

Imran Abbas and Sana Javed once again nailed their performances in Darr Khuda Say Episode 16 as the situation becomes more critical for Afreen after Shahvez stoops to a new low and succeeds in manipulating her parents against her.

Till the last week, we were quite saddened to see Afreen (Sana Javed) totally helpless against Shahvez (Imran Abbas) as he kept blackmailing her with the fake pictures.

Afreen was in a state of shock and only wanted to save her self-respect and her dignity that might cost the reputation of her family. Knowing that her character is of a sensible, intelligent girl, we knew that she’d stand up for herself and won’t let Shahvez harass her!

sana javed darr khuda say

Finally, with the support of her colleague Asia, Afreen confronted Shahvez with the truth and tells him that she would go to the police and cybercrime if he doesn’t stop blackmailing her.

Written by Sarwat Nazeer, this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the right way. Women who face workplace harassment often keep it to themselves out of fear of losing their jobs and reputation.

darr khuda say sana javed

Sana Javed has really set an example for all the girls by showing how they can raise their voice for what’s right. The same Shahvez who was mischievously smiling in the last episode for having control over a naïve girl, seemed a little conscious after the same innocent Afreen slapped him.

However, he’s trying really hard to get back at Afreen and manages to manipulate her parents by showing them pictures. Qavi Khan and Sajida Syed did very well to portray the turmoil they both are facing as parents whose daughter’s reputation is at stake. Afreen was their only child who supported them no matter what and they are really hurt now.

darr khuda say drama

Shahvez gains their trust as someone who genuinely cares for them and also does a little flirt with Tamkeen (Kiran Haq). Tamkeen was all drooling over Shahvez and it was alarming to see how she felt happy to see her own sister in trouble.

Where Afreen has not got the chance to talk to her family about this issue yet, it is going to be a little tough for her to make them understand the situation. For now, Shahvez has an upper edge but it won’t long till the truth comes out.

Directed by Anjum Shahzad, Darr Khuda Say will focus on how Afreen will handle the situation now to set the examples for society.

Imran Abbas as an antagonist who is ruining an innocent girl’s life for his lust is not something we see every day. The actor has done a remarkable job to play the role of a harasser to raise awareness about this sensitive topic.

imran abbas


Shahvez also unveils his real face in front of his wife Gul and taunts him for being aged, sick and ugly. They both fight and the episode ends as Shahvez hits her on the face and her condition starts to deteriorate.

Let’s see if this is going to be in favor of Shahvez or he’ll be thrown out of the house in the next episode. Looking at the teaser of Darr Khuda Say Episode 17, it’s going to be really interesting!

Watch the teaser of Darr Khuda Say Episode 17 below!

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