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Darr Khuda Se episode 5 focused on the dynamics of relationships with a mix of drama, emotions, jealousy, and selfishness. Qavi Khan, Sana Javed, and Ali Ansari remained the center of attention throughout the episode. Whereas, Imran Abbas managed to stole the show in one scene altogether.

Darr Khuda Se episode 5 continued to focus on the aftermath of Azhar (Ali Ansari) marrying Shehla (Nimrah Shahid) in court. All hells break loose after he introduces his newlywed bride to his family that too, in front of  Furqan Bhai and his wife who came with a proposal for Afreen (Sana Javed).

Mazhar Siddiqui (Qavi Khan) and Rashida (Sajida Syed) find it really hard to deal with the situation as they are worried about their family reputation. Tamkeen (Kiran Haq) becomes even more jealous and insecure. She thinks Azhar’s action will create more hurdles in her marriage. Whereas, Afreen tries to diffuse the situation and calm down her parents meanwhile trying to talk some sense into Azhar.

darr khuda se episode 5 review

The display of emotions in this scene was very overwhelming as this news has shocked the family to the core. Still, Mazhar Siddiqui senses the sensitivity of the situation and handles it in the best way possible.

It’s hard for him to accept Shehla as his daughter-in-law but still, but he decides to arrange a proper reception ceremony for Azhar. This was an accurate portrayal of the social pressure Azhar’s parents her facing to meet the expectations of society.

qavi khan darr khuda se

As always, Qavi Khan was amazing throughout the episode and his expressions and dialogue delivery were simply impeccable. Sana Javed, Ali Ansari, and Kiran Haq also emerged out as true performers during the whole family drama.

darr khuda se episode 5

On the other hand, Shahvez (Imran Abbas) handles the situation after his wife finds her expensive belongings in the room of the maid he flirts with. In order to save himself, Shahvez slaps the poor girl and control the situation.

Shahvez is happy that he does not have to worry about the maid anymore. However, Gul still finds a trail that leads her right to his relationship with the girl and she’s now worried. Let’ see how Shahvez will now manipulate Gul to regain her trust. Because it looks like, the situation is now getting out of his hands.

Imran Abbas is becoming the villain in the story that we love to hate. He only appeared in one scene yet managed to grasp every bit of our attention.

imran abbas

Directed by Anjum Shahzad, the overall episode was good with a few major developments in the story. However, the development in Afreen’s character is slow-paced from the past few episodes as she’s isolated herself from the world. Considering the current situation at her house, it looks like she’ll definitely have to step outside the house to support her family.

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