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Ehde Wafa Episode 2 – It’s Boys versus Girls Out There!

Ehde Wafa : Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!

Hum TV’s Ehde Wafa enters its second week with another episode that continues from where the last one left. We see more of the girls and guys, what are their traits and their characteristics. However, proper bad acting from nonprofessional actors gives the feeling of a school play. One hopes that it will be a temporary thing and the viewers can wait. After all, good things come to those who wait.

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The Guys did it again!

Led by veteran actor Sajeeruddin Khalifa, Ehde Wafa Episode 2 centered around the boys, and Firdous Baig. How they treated his son, what he thinks of them and how close they managed to come to being punished in front of their families. Osman Khalid Butt led the SSG gang and kept playing with their minds be it the case of bunking the college or falling in love. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ahad Raza Mir came second when it came to pranks and one-liners. Wahaj Ali still goes around with a mystery about him, even then he had some dialogues that let him show his acting prowess.


One Up For Warden … Nearly!

Sajeeruddin Khalifa’s character as the Warden reminded his theatre fans of Chaudhary sahab from Aangan Terrha, in a good way. He stood against the four mischievous boys like a true Warden but had to be rightly stopped by his superiors. His speech, expressions and the way he created conspiracy theories out of nothing are typical of people in power, and that’s why no one-sided with him.

And then there were the Girls

The two girls might come out as eye candies in this play since their back-story is still in developing stage. Zara Noor Abbas is the daughter of the village’s zamindar hence gets away with everything except passing her exams. Alizay Shah is the darling of her family and has a chance encounter with Ahad Raza Mir’s Saad, resulting in the destruction of a cake she bought. Love at First Bite, perhaps? Zara Noor Abbas’s character is undoubtedly the best thing of the play because the way she nails it. Good going girl!

Brilliant cinematography, lazy acting!

One thing that makes Ehde Wafa Episode 2 a worthy watch is its cinematography. However, lazy acting from non-professional actors (who are living the part) brought the bar down for the audience. Be it Dua’s cousins – both male and female – or the Urdu teacher, they could have been made to do a second take. Because their performance falls nowhere near that of the actors who have to take the drama forward. Ehde Wafa Episode 2 may not be as good as the first one but it certainly is much better than the other dramas on the air. As for the comparison with Mohabbatein, well the Aditya Chopra flick was no original, it was the Bollywood version of Hollywood classic Dead Poets Society.

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