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Emmy Awards 2020 Will Be Held Virtually!

Emmy Awards 2020 will be attended by celebs that might be in their PJs from the comfort of their bedrooms!

Emmy Awards 2020 was expected to go as planned for the big celebration for television is having a change of plan as the ceremony will be held virtually where celebrities will attend the show from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Yes, you heard it right!

This year’s host Jimmy Kimmel and Producers of September 2020 telecast have written to the Emmy nominees confirming that the ceremony will go virtually as scheduled rather than a traditional setup.

The letter contains:

“As you’ve probably guessed, we’re not going to be asking you to come to the Microsoft Theatre in downtown LA on September 20th. This year, it’s still going to be the TV industry’s biggest night out… but we’ll come to you!”

It added, “so, what are you wearing??? Our informal theme for the night is ‘come as you are, but make an effort!’.”

“If you want to be in formal wear, we’d love that, but equally if you’re in the UK and it’s 3 am, perhaps you want to be in designer pajamas and record from your bed!” the letter added.

However, the broadcaster ABC has also shared that the producers have reached out to the nominees and the plans are still been worked out. Although the format of the show is yet to be shared by the team that usually broadcast Live in front of the audience of A-list stars.

One of the other unusual things about this year’s Emmy Awards is the nominations for a record number of Black actors.

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