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Ertugral’s Turgut Alp Was Invited In Waseem Badami’s Show & Revealed Some Fun Facts!

The interview with Turgut and Shahid Afridi was a riot!

Pakistani people are very much happy and excited to see their favorite star Turgut (Cengiz Coşkun) the most loved alp of Ertugral has joined our local show and answered some amazing fun-filled facts.

Our none other the king of asking innocent questions (Masoomana Sawal) Waseem Badami conducted the interview in his show 11th Hour on ARY. As the candid interview started with the Eid Greetings in each other languages, after which Shahid Afridi joined the duo.

Turgut interview…

The interview had some fun-filled questions about the actor’s personal life as Badami asked him if he is married, on which the actor revealed that he is still unmarried but yes, he is committed.

Also, he was asked about whether he ever thought about Ertugral would become a massive hit in Pakistan. He shared he has expected Ertugral to be hit in Muslim countries but the reaction from Pakistan and their love and the success of the project is something he ever expected.

Shahid Afridi also expressed his love for the series and also encourages his daughters to watch the show and he also added it was a meaningful experience for him.

Some interesting facts by Turgut…

Coşkun also revealed that those who have watched the Ertugral series know that Turgut the alp always carries axe instead of the sword but he shared that it wasn’t planned at all. In fact, it was his decision to use an axe instead of a sword because he wanted his character to be different and unique.

The Masoomana Sawal of Waseem Badami!

Answering signature Masoomana Sawal of Badami the actor revealed that he learned his popularity in Pakistan through Instagram where he got enormous amounts of ‘marriage proposals.’

He also shared some amazing information which he knows about the language, food tradition from which he also shared that he is aware of the Karachi Vs Lahore biryani battle. He said he has plans of tasting both cities’ biryani if he ever got the chance to visit the country and will surely share which one is the best.

When Badami asked him about working in Pakistani drama/movie the actor shared that he will happily and surely work in it as long as it fits well for him.
In the end, Turgut also chanted ‘Dil Dil Pakistan, Jan Jan Pakistan’ to express his love for Pakistan and his fans.

This was the first time ever Cengiz Coşkun was interviewed in Pakistan which he seemed to enjoy a lot.

Here is the full interview:

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