Feroze Khan Lashes Out at Momina Duraid After MD Productions Cancels Firdous Jamal

Feroze Khan has challenged Momina Duraid to cancel him after Firdous Jamal’s Controversy

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal is in the news from the last week after his controversial comment over Mahira Khan took the internet by storm. Recently, our young superstar Feroze Khan has stepped up to speak in support of Firdous Jamal after Momina Duraid announced to cancel the veteran actor from her company.

Yesterday, Momina Duraid shared a message on social media where she praised Mahira Khan for handling this matter in the best manner and being so poised and humble. She also announced that MD productions will no longer work with Firdous Jamal in any capacity.

Here’s what Momina Duraid has to say about Mahira Khan-Firdous Jamal Fiasco

Momina Duraid Firdous Jamal

Where the majority of people are in support of Mahira Khan after this controversy, people now think that this step taken by Momina Duraid is very discriminatory against Firdous Jamal.

Feroze Khan also broke silence on this issue and lashed out at Momina Duraid for her decision. The Khaani actor considers her action against the right of every human to be able to speak freely. Moreover, Feroze has also challenged Momina Duraid to cancel him if she can!

Here’s what Feroze Khan wrote:

In an0ther tweet, Feroze Khan wrote:

Veena Malik has also spoken about this fiasco and feels sad how the veteran actor has been treated by people over his opinion

A few days back, the veteran actor Firdous Jamal found himself in hot water after he made a blunt remark over Mahira Khan’s age. Where he faced a lot of criticism from people, many Pakistani celebrities also called him out for disrespecting our superstar on national television.

However, Mahira Khan handled this ongoing debate with maturity. The superstar has penned down a heartwarming note for the love and support she received from her fellow stars and followers.

Mahira Khan shared the picture of this handwritten note on Instagram in which the starlet has poured her heart down.

Firdous Jamal’s son Hamza Firdous also tried to clear the air over this matter. The actor has recently posted a video message after Momina Duraid canceled Firdous Jamal and said that he’s ashamed to be a part of MD productions in the past.

Here’s what Hamza Firdous has to say:

In another post, Hamza wrote that Momina Duraid’s decision to ban Firdous Jamal has reopened this controversy in a very disrespectful and abusive way

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