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‘Friends’ Has Left Netflix & Fans Can’t Stay Calm!

‘Friends’ is no more on Netflix!

‘Friends’ one of the most popular series that is still fresh for everyone whether it is 90’s kid or older. The series is for all ages and promises to entertain us for more years, but not on Netflix.

‘Friends’ was all about bond!

We can’t forget the amazing bond between Ross and Rachel who were in and out of relationships. We can’t think of anyone but Chandler ending up with Monica and Phoebe and Joey’s weird behaviors and crazy acts.

Friends have given every individual load of happiness with the near to life experiences that none of the other sitcoms have given.


Social media is all full of cheeky and sarcastic comments on the news of Friends leaving Netflix. ‘Friends’ is the ultimate happiness that gives you a few moments of life and laughter therapy and it has been snatched from the audience.

Some fans were disappointed in the news and even threatened to cancel their Netflix subscription. Some relayed their sorrow in humorous statements about the loss. Even the memes have sprung up in an attempt to capture the agony.

Here are some of the crazy reaction of fans on the news of Friends non-availability on Netflix:


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