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George R.R. Martin Revealed Few Facts About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel!

George R.R. Martin, the author of the amazing TV series Game Of Thrones has shared a few facts regarding his show’s upcoming prequel.

Recently in an interview with Entertainment Weekly George R.R Martin spoke about the upcoming prequel, which takes place 5,000 years before Game of Thrones.

George R.R. Martin

Westeros divided into 100 Kingdoms!

Yes, you heard right! this time the prequel will deal with the 100 kingdoms which will be divided into smaller and bigger ones. George R.R. Martin shared,

“We talk about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros – at least, there were Seven Kingdoms at the time of Aegon’s Conquest.”

He further elaborated,

“But if you go back further, then there are nine kingdoms and 12 kingdoms, and eventually, you get back to where there are a 100 petty kingdoms and that’s the era we’re talking about here.”

Therefore, this time Westeros will be more chaotic, lawless, and violent than its sequel Game of Thrones.

George R.R. Martin

Guardians of North ‘Starks’ will be present to entertain us!

The show will have the Starks and dire wolves in it, which is exciting for the GOT fans. They will be able to see the descendants of their favorite family from the first men! The writer confirms saying,

“The Starks will definitely be there.”

George R.R. Martin

The prequel is set in the Pre Targaryen says George R.R. Martin!

It is also speculated that the prequel is pre-Targaryen and their dragons era. But be prepared to witness other creatures that will keep you glued to your screens. This is not what we think but what George R.R Martin says,

“Obviously, the White Walkers are here. There are things like dire wolves and mammoths as well.”

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No Lannisters in George R.R. Martins Upcoming Prequel!

The prequel revolves around the rise of Lannisters and how they appeared back then. The writer shares,

“The Lannisters aren’t there yet, but Castlery Rock is certainly there; it’s like the Rock of Gibraltar,”

George R.R Martin revealed further,

“It’s actually occupied by the Casterlys for whom it’s still named after in the time of Game of Thrones.”

Female Leads!

HBO shared that the show might be led by the three female leads which include Naomi Watts, Naomi Ackei and Denise Gough. But it was rejected by the writer saying,

“It is not true, As you know, for Game of Thrones, we never even nominated anybody for lead actress or lead actor [during awards season] until recently; it was always for supporting [categories] because the show is such an ensemble, I think that will be true for this show too. We don’t have leads so much as a large ensemble cast.”

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George R.R. Martin teases us with a name for the upcoming Prequel!

However, the prequel is still untitled, previously we have heard Martin has suggested the name ‘The Long Night’ but it was already taken by the third episode of season 8. But he discloses that:

“I heard a suggestion that it could be called The Longest Night, which is a variant I wouldn’t mind, and that would be pretty good.”

After getting to know all of this information about the upcoming prequel we can’t wait to see the series in its real form.

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