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Good Morning Pakistan Ignores Coronavirus Safety Guidelines On Their Show!

Good Morning Pakistan really needs a reality check!

The famous morning show of Nida Yasir’s “Good Morning Pakistan” has ignored all the precautions that are crucial in a wake of Coronavirus scare.

The most-watched show of Ary Digital is just running after the ratings for their program and ignoring the threat in a very casual way.

Nida Yasir’s morning show is one of the most popular morning shows in the country that touches on the variety of topics from fashion to makeup to hosts real-life weddings.

Business gain at its peak at “Good Morning Pakistan”!

Nida Yasir and her morning show management have ignored all the safety precautions that are shared by the government and the doctors to take amidst of the coronavirus outbreak.

The show that aired on 16th March 2020, Nida Yasir talked about the ongoing situation regarding coronavirus. However, on her show, she is not at all taking the safety measures while the audience was not allowed to attend the show but herself and Kashif from Kashee’s both were in contact with the eight contestants and their eight models.

The team has shown the height of irresponsibility and unprofessionalism in this manner, as they were fed during the whole competition.

The worst moment of it was when the makeup competition began and she ordered the models to chew gum rather than avoiding the whole competition altogether in this crucial situation when doctors are suggesting to maintain Social Distance among eachother.

Here is the video below:

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