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Gulzar Of Ehd E Wafa Renounces Award At PISA 2020

Gulzar of Ehd e Wafa renounced his award!

Pakistani actor Adnan Samad who has become everyone’s favorite for playing Gulzar in Ehd e Wafa has renounced his award at the recently concluded Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020.

Adnan won the Best Comedy Actor Award in PISA 2020 for his brilliant performance in Ehd e Wafa as Gulzar, one of the closest friends of Saad (Ahad Raza Mir).

Adnan Samad was also very excited about being nominated in the PISA 2020 however, he now seems really disappointed at the management of the event.

The actor shared to renounce his award not only because he wasn’t invited but also how his fellow stars went through the same.

So, everyone, I renounce my award at #PISA2020 for the Best Comedy Actor not only because I wasn’t invited but also because of what they have done with all of my fellow artists.

Gulzar Ehd e Wafa

Adnan added that he doesn’t need a piece of iron with his name written on it. He sarcastically took a dig at PISA 2020 and wrote that they have done the BEST COMEDY.

I don’t need a piece of iron with my name written in it. My award is my fans who voted for me and Made me win this award, my gratitude and love foes to all of them. So PISA I personally present you the award because you have done the BEST COMEDY.

Preciously, many other renowned Pakistani celebrities lashed out at the management of Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020 over lack of professionalism.

Actors like Nabeel Zafar, Adnan Shah Tipu, Osman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali Akbar, and Nadia Afgan shared their experiences with the management and boycotted PISA.

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