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Has Hamza Firdous’s Career in Pakistan Ended Due to His Father’s Comments?

Hamza Firdous shared on social media that his  upcoming projects ‘Malal e Yaar, ‘Bin Badal Barsat’ and ‘Janbaz’ will be his last performances in Pakistan

The young and super talented Hamza Firdous is considered as one our the rising stars who made his presence felt with some outstanding performances in a very short period.

The eldest son of the veteran actor Firdous Jamal made his debut on our television screens in 2017 ‘O Rangreza’ alongside Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan. Although he had previously worked in theatres in Ireland where he studied, Hamza’s first appearance in Pakistan earned him recognition and a huge fan-following.

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The actor then appeared in a period drama ‘Ghughi’ in which he played the role of a Hindu guy and was also appreciated for his performance in 2018 ‘Seerat’.

Where we were looking forward to watch him on our screens again, Hamza has left us shocked after announcing that he won’t be performing in Pakistan anymore!

Hamza Firdous shared that his upcoming projects ‘Malal e Yaar’, ‘Bin Badal Barsaat’ and ‘Janbaaz’ will be his last performances in Pakistan.

He thanked everyone for all the love and will also share a video message soon.

Where we are sad to see such a talented actor leaving our industry, we wonder if it is due to the recent controversy regarding his father’s comments on Pakistani actors.

After age-shaming Mahira Khan back in July, Firdous Jamal faced a lot of criticism not only from people but from the celebrities as well. Hamza Firdous had to come up with explanations to clear the air and defuse the situation on social media.

However, Firdous Jamal once again found himself in hot waters after he called the young actors of Pakistan ‘showpieces’. He also called Imran Ashraf’s act as ‘Bhola’ pretentious and social went crazy considering the love Imran receives for playing this character.

Where Imran Ashraf took his comments as positive criticism, Hamza Firdous, once again, had to come up with a positive post and appreciated his acting.

Hamza called Imran Ashraf one of the best actors of this generation and said he learns and gets inspired by his performances.

Hamza also shared a throwback to the start of his career and thanked those who gave him an opportunity to work here!

Let’s see what Hamza Firdous has to say in the video message before leaving Pakistan. We are really going to miss his energetic presence and charming personality on our screens.

What do you think about Hamza’s decision? Let us know in the comments below!

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