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Hum TV – Inkaar Episode 7 – Review

Hum TV – Inkaar Episode 7 – Review

The clash between Rehan Chaudhary and Shayan Malik has finally happened the latest episode of Inkaar where Imran Ashraf’s and Sami Khan’s character take on each other in front of Yumna Zaidi’s Hajra.


Written by Zafar Mairaj and directed by Kashif Nisar, Inkaar enters the seventh episode with Sami Khan’s Shayan taking the lead. When the character was asked by the girl’s parents whether they could help reduce tensions between the couple, all he does is hug the father (Rehan Sheikh) and cry, giving the audience an experience we rarely witness on TV. It is only after she is convinced by her father that Hajra decides to hear out Shayan and his story discloses the real reasons behind how he ended up in the room in his house, with Rehan Chaudhary.


Everything is perfect about the drama from the cast to the dialogues and direction, however, one fails to understand how Hajra escaped from the room without noticing the two guys fighting in front of the stairs. This episode does remind the audience of Back To The Future II where Micheal J Fox’s character goes back in a time where another version of his occurs, and everything we had seen in the first part takes place from another Point of View. Here the same things that we had witnessed from Yumna Zaidi’s viewpoint take place but from Sami Khan’s perspective and it explains a lot of things.

Sami Khan dominated this episode with his amazing acting where he is shown as an introvert who depends on his friend who takes advantage of his naivety. He was as good as Imran Ashraf was in the earlier episode in which he appeared for the first time. There wasn’t much to do for others, however, Imran Ashraf manages to prove his brilliance by laughing, acting strange and ensuring that he doesn’t go down without a fight. On the whole, Inkaar may not get rating but it is surely one of the best dramas on air at the moment which doesn’t bank on saas-bahu stuff or divorces, the two most favorite topics of drama writers these days.

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