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Hum TV’s Inkaar Ends With A Bang, Raising The Bar!

Not many drama serials in recent years have left an impact on the audience’s minds like Hum TV’s Inkaar. Zafar Mairaj’s script and Kashif Nisar’s direction made the audience wait for the play on Mondays, wondering whether justice will prevail or not. Thankfully, it ended on a positive note but not before shocking the audience with an unexpected twist.

Hum TV’s Inkaar

Hum TV’s Inkaar Shocks With An Unexpected Conclusion!

Hum TV’s Inkaar

Will Rehan Chaudhary go to jail for his crimes? Will Hajra be able to rescue her brother without making an apologetic video? Hum TV’s Inkaar ends with a shocking twist where whatever we were hoping for, happened but with an unexpected twist. You will have to watch the grand finale to find out what the twist was, and be shocked.

Yumna Zaidi steals the show with brilliant acting

Just like she did in Darr Si Jaati Hai Sila last year, Yumna Zaidi manages to outshine all in Hum TV’s Inkaar. In the last two episodes, her character Hajra came across as someone who is stronger than the rest, fighting her case with new zeal and fervor. Whether it is waiting for the next witness to lie under oath or her final decision on Rehan Chaudhary, she remained composed. Her excitement on finally getting justice was too close to what any of us would do in similar circumstances.

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Imran Ashraf delivers another award-worthy performance

Imran Ashraf’s character Rehan Chaudhary was hated by all and loved by none. However, in Inkaar’s last episode, he was too good to be ignored despite being found guilty. His cries for help from the witness box were too genuine, as were his dialogues on his return to his maternal home. He made the character look so bad that in the end the audience wanted him to suffer, and suffer big.

Sami Khan, Rehan Sheikh raise the bar high with skillful acting

And there was Sami Khan who played the leading man who gets justice and the girl. The way his character Shayan supported Hajra is exactly how a good human being should react. Same goes for Rehan Sheikh who played her father and stayed by her side from the very first day despite his wife’s protest. Both the actors made the audience wait for the next episode and carried their characters well. All the mothers in the play were outstanding as well, staying in character and being either black or white.

Zafar Mairaj, Kashif Nisar know how to begin, nurture and conclude a drama

Not many TV writers and directors are as synced as these two talented individuals. Zafar Mairaj has been writing plays for over 2 decades now but even today he keeps himself updated. It’s not just about picking the right subjects but bringing them to the right conclusion. And if the dialogues are explosive and hit it where it hurts, then the writer’s job is done. It’s then up to the director to show his skills with a near-perfect execution and Kashif Nisar does exactly that. The play has raised the bar high and others will have to work extra hard to displace Inkaar from the position it has earned in the eyes of the audience.

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