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Inkaar Episode 18 – Review

Story Moves At Lightning Pace In Inkaar Episode 18

Inkaar Episode 18

Hum TV’s ongoing classic TV serial Inkaar is moving at a lightning pace. Inkaar Episode 18 begins with a powerful scene in which Shayan Malik (Sami Khan) has a conversation with his father (Noor ul Hassan) regarding Hajra (Yumna Zaidi)’s case. After Shayan refuses to accept his conditions, they part ways again only for him to end in handcuffs due to contempt of court.

Inkaar Episode 18

After Gullu Baadshah (Iftikhar Iffi)’s death, the case has no value since there is no witness, no evidence against Rehan Chaudhary (Imran Ashraf). He leaves the court victorious despite being guilty while Hajra and her father (Rehan Sheikh) exit as if they are culprits.

Rehan Sheikh shows his angry side in Inkaar Episode 18

His daughter may have lost the case but Rehan Sheikh’s Hafiz Sahab hasn’t lost hope. The way he beat his son behind closed doors and his expression after he comes out were priceless. He vented all his anger of the court on his son, and the writer/director must be commended for the perfect execution.

In Inkaar Episode 18, Sami Khan’s anger is too hot to handle

When his father comes to rescue him from police custody, Sami Khan’s Shayan explodes at him for preferring the government over his own son. He was not just delivering dialogues but also acting with his eyes, his body, and even his hands. It was the continuation of the scene where he delivers a speech inside the courtroom, the same speech that got him thrown out in the first place.

Then there is Rehan Chaudhary, the one we love to hate!

You may hate him for what he has done on screen but Imran Ashraf as Rehan Chaudhary is too good to be ignored. He doesn’t have many dialogues in Inkaar Episode 18 but since the story revolves around his act, he is at the center of everything. His reaction on seeing his College Professor enter the courtroom, his victorious exit and his plea to his mother show his evil side, making you angrier.

It’s a Zafar Mairaj and Kashif Nisar Classic

Inkaar wouldn’t have been possible had it not been written by Zafar Mairaj or directed by Kashif Nisar. It took one’s writing and the other’s execution to come up with a near-perfect drama. The background score by Sami Khan (not the actor) sort of defines our life as it is sad when the characters are down, gloomy when it is too bad and thrilling when the drama moved into suspense zone. Yes, we all did miss Gullu Baadshah but it seems that since the drama is moving towards a conclusion, his character may be part of the resolution in some exclusive way.

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