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Tensions High As Inkaar Episode 22 Takes One Step Closer To Resolution

Inkaar Episode 22 may begin on a positive note for the bad guys but ends with the ball in the good guys’ court. Hum TV’s drama Inkaar moves towards its conclusion with its latest episode where things take the right turn. In the world of Chaudhary’s, be a Malik as the father-son duo try to rescue Hajra’s kidnapped brother from the clutches of Rehan Chaudhary. They might not succeed but their failure is a step closer to the resolution of their issue.

Inkaar Episode 22

Inkaar Episode 22 plot and twists are inspired from real cases

Inkaar Episode 22

We all know that Khaani was inspired from a real-life case but so is in Inkaar. What makes it even better is the fairy tale twist and possible conclusion that will turn out to be a slap in the face of the corrupt people. Zafar Mairaj’s writing and depiction of how things would have happened in ideal conditions make you want to praise him more. The way he and director Kashif Nisar have created Rehan Chaudhary, and then made Imran Ashraf be that person is exactly what made TV the better medium back in the day.

Sami Khan, Noor ul Hassan give us father-son goals in Inkaar Episode 22


He may have not been an ideal father but Noor ul Hassan’s Malik Sahab loves his son more than anything else. The way he takes on Begum Sahiba (Munazzah Arif) after witnessing his son Shayan (Sami Khan) and Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) bidding farewell to each other was too real. After being told of his transfer, he was a broken man but he didn’t show his depressing side to his son, just his inability to do anything. Sami Khan, on the other hand, is at his confronting best, be it in front of his father or Rehan Chaudhary. He is angry throughout the episode but for the right reasons, first for Hajra as her lover and later as her husband.

Rehan Sheikh plays ‘Man of Steel’ as his on-screen wife loses it!


From the very first episode, audiences have loved Rehan Sheikh’s portrayal of Hafiz Ilyas. After Hajra’s incident, he has become more protective of her and it shows in his acting. Even when he wants to curse Rehan Chaudhary and his family, he keeps his cool and doesn’t. His on-screen wife (Kinza Malik) however loses it after Rehan kidnaps her son and wants Hajra to post a video denouncing her earlier remarks. Her performance as a torn-mother is brilliant and if she isn’t nominated for an award, it will be a grave injustice.

Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf at their best!


As Hajra, Yumna Zaidi has been outstanding throughout the serial and in Inkaar Episode 22, she raises the bar once again. When Sami Khan’s character wants to leave her so that her brother can return safely, she shows brilliant composure despite being hurt.

When Imran Ashraf’s Rehan threatens her in the park, she is devastated but instead of going overboard, she stays close to Shayan. In the next episode, her acting, as well as the menacing Imran Ashraf’s, will be pivotal to the plot as it will move in a complete direction. In the promo of the next episode, he is seen as a cornered tiger and will definitely lose it because of his overconfidence, for which the actor must be commended.


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