Khaas Episode 13 Hum TV – Review

Absolutely unexpected developments have been showcased in Khaas episode 13. The episode entirely moves in an alternative direction leaving us curious and captivated.

Khaas Episode 13

Khaas episode 13 kicks off with Saba (Sanam Baloch) sharing her woes with Faakhir (Haroon Shahid). Afterward, Nusrat (Sajida Shah) counsels Saba to come out of the trauma and restart her life on which she agrees. On the other hand, Ammar (Ali Rehman) comes to blows with Salma’s husband, resultantly Saba takes care of injured Ammar passionately. Ammar expresses his gratitude and love to Saba, meanwhile, he also gets inclined towards Salma a bit more. Moreover, Nida (Anam Gohar) is getting interested in Faakhir and meets him.

Khaas Episode 13

Khaas episode 13 is giving more avenues to the plot and we didn’t see this coming. The episode has sophisticatedly handled all the chaos and the director Danish Nawaz employs his prowess to settle down the scrambled conflicts swiftly. The story has been intervened by new subplots which are getting on track, for instance, Salma-Ammar alliance replenishment will prove to be a shocking turn in the story. However, the forceful romance of Nida appears to be an overdose: it is a turn-off for the viewers. Saba getting motivated towards saving her relationship is an intelligent yet genuine move; which mostly Pakistani women opt for.

Impactful performances have been the pivotal factor of the episode and Sanam Baloch ought to be crowned for carrying the whole narrative on her shoulders. She shifts her personality at once without any possible glitch. Ali Rehman is good in his role whereas Anam Gohar overperforms. The plot of the play is about to fluctuate soon with the intrusion of some crispy subplots and quirky turns; we cannot wait to witness them.

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