Khaas Episode 16 Hum TV -Review

Khaas Episode 16 features overflowing emotions, dragged screenplay, and actors who are struggling as the story unveils.

Khaas Episode 16

Khaas Episode 16 starts with Saba (Sanam Baloch) calling Ammar (Ali Rehman) to have dinner with her parents and finds out that Ammar is having dinner at Salma’s house. Both Saba and Ammar return home to have a fight about Ammar’s continuous habit of lying and extra-marital relations. On the other side, Nida (Anam Goher) pays Fakhir (Haroon Shahid) a visit and again tells him about her love, even adds that she has told all about it to her family. Salma wants to get married to Ammar who has also shown interest in her.

Khaas Episode 16

What to say and what not to say. Only some advancements have been made to the whole story, but the writer Sarwat Nazeer has not done justice to it. The second half of the episode was somewhat interesting. The first half was nothing new: consisted of the usual routine that actors carried Anam Goher and Haroon Shahid were the day-savers. The episode could be concluded in some 10-15 minutes. Nothing new at all from Ali Rehman or Sanam Baloch, both did their job well. Luckily, we had a second half., which might persuade the audience to wait for another episode where some critically better advancements could follow.

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Khaas Episode 16

Performance-wise, A for Anam Goher and Haroon Shahid, B for Ali Rehman and Sanam Baloch as their roles do not have much to offer. The writers are responsible for it. In the end, it does matter: especially for the last some 10-12 minutes that saved the show. Let’s find out what happens next.

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