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Khaas Episode 19 & 20 – Review

Khaas Episode 19 & 20 have adopted a rather slow pace which will likely decrease the ratings of the show.


Khaas Episode 19 & 20 have slowed down to some extent. In the nineteenth episode: Saba (Sanam Baloch) leaves Ammar’s (Ali Rehman Khan) home and seeks refuge in Javeria’s place for a night. The next morning, she returns to her home and finds out that her father is hospitalized, and no one wants her anymore. On the contrary, Ammar’s family have been very supportive, and now are planning for his marriage.

Khaas Episode 19 & 20

Saba and Fakhir (Haroon Shahid) have a chat about whatever happened. However, in the twentieth episode, there wasn’t anything new, except for one new development: that Ammar has decided to divorce Saba.

Khaas Episode 19 & 20 Episode 18 ended on a rather high note. But these two episodes were slow in nature, not only plot-wise but also the developments. So basically, the show is back to it’s routine after two nail-biting episodes. The gradual decrease in the pace is a positive sign for the producers. Saba is shamed almost everywhere, the only hope she had was Javeria (Amna Wajahat) who are not supposed to talk to Saba, the reason being her job.

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Khaas Episode 19 & 20

This will make the series even more interesting as Saba’s innocence could only be proved by either Javeria or Fakhir: she shut her doors on Fakhir, and Javeria seems stuck in this confusion. Let’s just hope the serial doesn’t get way too predictable.

The top performers can not be listed for the last two episodes as there wasn’t anything extraordinary done by the cast. It was another boring Monday for everyone, with the routine that followed. Lets’s hope the next episode brings a Friday for everyone.

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