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Matthew Perry Thinks ‘Joker’ Copied His Dance Moves From Friends!

It seems Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker copied Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing’s dance moves!

If you have seen Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, you would remember the amazing dance on the stairs that has become an iconic symbol. Joker has literally given us some stellar dance moves without a doubt. But Matthew Perry thinks Joker dance moves are inspired by somewhere else.


Matthew Perry

If you think you have seen those stellar moves, you are not wrong. Actor Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bing in Friends thinks the same and even shared a picture to prove his claim.

These pictures prove that he was the one to come up with these quirky moves. It looks like these awesome moves weren’t original. And those who posted their dance on social media were paying a tribute to Chandler Bing and not Joker.

He also confirms that he was not the one who made this collage but he didn’t shy away to thank whoever made it.

After his tweet, netizens started to notice the striking similarities between the two dance moves. They agree that there is a resemblance between Chandler Bing and Joker, making Matthew Perry happy.

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