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Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 – Review – ARY Digital

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 revolved around the mental turmoil Danish is going through as his possessiveness for Mehwish is taking the form of insecurities that are eating him alive!

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 continued the story where we left it last week. The interaction between Danish (Humayun Saeed) and Shehwar (Adnan Siddiqui) brought a new twist in the story. Where Shehwar is not hesitant to show his affection towards Mehwish (Ayeza Khan), Danish has never been more insecure about her.

The situation gets worse between the two after Shehwar finds Mehwish alone and manipulates her into dancing with him. He also tries to corrupt her mind by saying things like she deserves someone better than Danish. At first, Mehwish is hesitant but seeing Danish dancing with Anoushey, she just cannot bring her to refuse.

Seeing Shehwar holding his wife makes Danish really furious. He doesn’t think twice and takes her home right away.

Humayun Saeed, once again, was phenomenal throughout the episode. He did an impeccable job to portray the mental turmoil Danish is facing. He feels insecure because he knows he cannot give all the happiness to Mehwish. The only reason why he’s getting more and more involved in earning money from wrong means.

We also got to see a one-to-one interaction between Danish and Shehwar after they meet again unexpectedly. Shehwar senses the tension in Danish’s voice and he offers help. But Danish refuses him straight away.

On the other hand, the character of Mehwish is so unique yet complex that’s she keeps us guessing what’s going on in her mind. Where on one hand, she thinks about how she deserves better but on the other hand, she really loves and cares about Danish’s feelings. For that, Ayeza Khan deserves appreciation for playing this character so flawlessly.

Monty, their neighbor, and so-called Danish’s friend, he continues to flirt with Mehwish. He doesn’t even hesitate to talk to Danish about how beautiful his wife is and doesn’t deserve her. This even leads to a fight between the two after Monty drops Mehwish to the shopping mall.

Let’s see how Mehwish will react to this in the next episode as she’s already started feeling suffocating with all Danish’s insecurities.

Directed by Nadeem Baig, Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 3 was another intriguing episode. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has written these simple yet multilayered characters that make this story even more interesting. Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan once again were outstanding while Adnan Siddiqui managed to grab all the attention even in a few scenes.

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