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Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 9 & 10 – Mehwish Decides to Leave Danish for Shehwar

Mere Paas Tum Ho Episode 9 &10 left us in a shock as the story takes a heartbreaking twist. This drama has not only become an instant hit among the viewers, but it has also become the talk of the town because of its controversial story. The maestro Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has penned down the script in such a magical way that every line embodies so many emotions. The director Nadeem Baig has done an exceptional job to unfold its story that is bound to take you on an emotional roller coaster every week!

Another thing that makes Mere Paas Tum Ho an out-of-the-box story is that the heroine Mehwish played by Ayeza Khan is not another damsel in distress we are used to seeing in every other drama. Her character is neither black nor white and that’s what makes it closer to reality. Where she cares about her husband and son, she is selfish and can do anything to make her happy.

Since the day Mehwish has met Shehwar (Adnan Siddiqui), she feels like she’s missing many things in life and she deserves more than what she has now. Ayeza Khan is doing a phenomenal job as her character is not an easy one to play. Where we drool over her gorgeousness in stunning attires, we also kind of hate her now for what she’s doing to herself and her family.

Humayun Saeed as Danish has to be the most simple and innocent character of this season. Or maybe it’s his never-ending love for Mehwish that makes him ignore everything she does. He doesn’t even question her after he caught her red-handed at the airport coming with Shehwar from Islamabad where they both spent a day together in a hotel.

Danish has learned to suffer alone and he is keeping his emotions to himself. He has become friends with one of his colleagues (Muhammad Ahmed) who we think will support him if his marriage falls apart. Nevertheless, Humayun Saeed has proven why he is our superstar and king of expressions. He makes us relate to the trauma Danish is facing and has gained the reputation of an ‘ideal’ husband among the audience, especially women.

Where we adore his love and struggle to save his relationship with the woman he loves the most, it’s also heartbreaking that Mehwish now only feels pity for him.

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MERE PAAS TUM HO✔ This drama is probably one of the most hated one these days, and masses are bashing the story line and characters really badly on Social Media just because it isn't a potboiler!! Honestly speaking, I wasn't following it but after listening negative reviews about Mehwish & Danish's character.. I've seen few episodes on youtube! The major problem with the story is… A Men is a Victim here! We are sooo used too watch victimized and traumatized female characters.. that we are unable to accept the fact that Women can be gold diggers, materialistic, selfish and can cheat their husband and baby for other men.. & Yes! Men like Danish do exist who fear losing their love and destroying their family! So even after knowing everything they keep on insisting their ownself that things haven't gone bad till now, they even increase their efforts, keeps giving multiple chances to their spouse amd relationship.. but the irony is no one ever talks about such men! Yes it may seems cheap or cringe-worthy but that's how some women are! Just Another perspective! #PakistaniDrama #Review #MenIsVictim #JustAPerspective #MerePaasTumHo 🤔

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Shehwar (Adnan Siddiqui) is revealing his other side gradually as he is not even afraid to confront Danish. Looking at how he has made Mehwish obey him so blindly, his failed marriage could just be his fault and not his wife’s. Adnan Siddiqui once again stole the show with his authority and dialogue delivery in just a few scenes.

Shehwar has manipulated Mehwish to the point that she’s now considering divorce. It’s evident that Danish won’t be able to handle the situation if Mehwish leaves him, but it will also affect their son Rumi.

Let’s see what will happen after Danish comes face to face with Shehwar next week.

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