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Nabeel Qureshi Is Working On A Web Series On Uzair Baloch & Lyari Gang War!

Is Nabeel Qureshi developing Pakistani Gangs of Wasseypur?

The digital world is becoming more prominent and now the Pakistani entertainment industry is also accepting the norms of digitalization as many popular names are giving some wholesome ‘web series’ and Nabeel Qureshi is one of them.

Director Nabeel Qureshi is also working on a web series based on the ‘Lyari gang war,’ which will be written by Ali Abbas and Basit Naqvi who is also a critically famed writer of Laal Kabootar.

The Producer is none other than Fiza Ali Meerza but now she will also be co-directing the project with Nabeel Qureshi. The title of his web series is yet to be shared but the theme depicts that we should be prepared for a dark ride.

However, the director shared the news on his twitter that he is working on a script for a long time now as he shared:

“Yes that’s true we at @FilmwalaP making a web series on “LYARI GANG WAR” HV been working on it for quite a long time & this is the best time to announce! @fizza999 thankyou @galaxylollywood”

It will be a unique concept if we see there is no representation of the reality of the city of the lights gang war that we gradually try to avoid talking.

The web series will surely depict the real-life stories of the Lyari gang war and the crime lords of the city like Rehman Dakait, Uzair Baloch, Arshad Pappu, and many more. It will be interesting to see their wide talked clashes that occurred from time to time on their screens.

Not only that Nabeel Qureshi has three other projects that are lined up for release Quaid-e-Azam and Fatman.

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