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Netflix Cursed: The Mysteries Revealed Of The Weeping Monk!

Netflix Cursed is sailing high with its popularity!

Netflix Cursed is one of the top series which is been watched across the globe with its most iconic literary character creations. The Weeping Monk among one of the most talked characters of the show.

The show is created by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler as the series is based on the Arthurian legend and portrays its outlook through Nimue’s perspective also known as the Lady in the Lake and her ascension from village outsider to Wolf Blood Witch to Queen of the Fey. This brings her to the direct conflict with the Red Paladins, a fanatical sect church that depopulating the Fey kind with their mysterious warrior.

The so-called Weeping Monk is played by Daniel Sharman is the dark figure portrays death and destruction that comes in his way with his face having dark tears staining his cheeks.

However, along the course of the series, we get to know the real person behind all those darkness who spares the Fey boy Squirell. As the finale reveals that the Weeping Monk is none other than Lancelot, one of the most well-known figures of the Arthurian lore.

According to Miller:

“I think it’s the only way Lancelot makes sense because Lancelot is a fanatic. He is the best swordsman and he is driven by unholy passions and hates himself for it. He cheats on his best friend and curses himself for it. That’s about as Catholic as it gets. So all of that’s of a piece to me, that that’s who Lancelot is.”

“And so, yes, he is the best swordsman. He is a nobleman, but he is his… I mean, when you first meet him in Cursed, he’s a mysterious assassin who certainly has yet to find his way. And then, of course, he becomes just as fanatic about being the good guy and then cheats on his King. It’s just this a character of unbelievable passion. And he’s a little crazy. Yeah.”

Also, Wheeler added:

“He seems like a tortured guy. He’s fighting against something internal that is so powerful and so motivating for him but so conflicted that it just was really about having him aware of that conflict more. And then I think when the idea of just maybe hiding the bomb in terms of who the Weeping Monk actually was, the whole idea of starting with Nimue gives you all kinds of new avenues for meeting these characters. So you kind of can shake loose previous ideas of them, as long as you, and Frank and I talked about this a lot, as long as you stay loyal to who they are at their core.”

However, towards the end of the finale, we see a massive change in the character of the Weeping Monk and can’t wait for another season of this amazing series.

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