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Penn Badgley & Chace Crawford Reminisce Days Of “Gossip Girl”!

Penn Badgley & Chace Crawford have some questions about the “Gossip Girl” ending!

The much-loved series of 2007, Gossip Girl which stars Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford, has recently seen them reunite for a virtual chat and reminisce about their time spent on the sets of “Gossip Girl.”

However, both the stars have their own questions on the abrupt and hasty ending of the show’s finale. The show ended in 2012 and now after eight years, Dan and Nate discuss how the ending was not great.

As Crawford points out,

“What’s interesting about Joe — it is almost like an odd continuation of Dan. “At the end of Gossip Girl the show, whatever your reaction is on whether it was smart to do that or not, that he’s Gossip Girl — it didn’t really line up with the character of Dan. Right?” Penn Badgley responded with, “Yeah.”

Penn Badgley says:

“I’ve always tried to be both transparent and forthcoming and grateful for the way Gossip Girl positioned me to be in a role like this and for it to have the particular effect that it has. Because it’s interesting that regardless of my performance, the fact that it’s simply me, just one of the main characters of the show called Gossip Girl, and I ended up being Gossip Girl — even though we can debate about whether or not that makes sense. And we can debate about whether or not Dan is even really a male lead in the show, because the heart of the show was somewhere else. But anyway, it’s me playing this guy Joe, and it makes a lot of sense in a way … In a way, it’s almost like Dan, just with bloody hands.”

They also chatted on rewatching the show as Penn Badgley shares that he has rewatched the show with his current wife before they got married but on the other hand Crawford butted:

“I don’t like really watching myself that much in general, so to go back and open that time capsule, I think there would be some nostalgic value. We’re doing that when you come to L.A. We’ll have a drink.”

Penn Badgley adds:

“Dude, if we live-tweet a viewing of an episode of Gossip Girl, people would love that,” and surely we would love to see them together watching one of the most hit series of our times.

Watch the full video below:


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