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Rahma Ali Denies Rumors of Abid Ali’s Death

Last night the news of Abid Ali’s death took the social media by storm. However, Rahma Ali, his daughter, denied it and asked people to stop spreading rumors

Veteran actor Abid Ali has been hospitalized due to suffering from severe liver problems and being extremely unwell from the past two months.

The news of Ali’s illness surfaced on the internet a few days back. Famous Pakistani actress Imaan Ali also requested people to pray for the health of her father.

Last night rumors of that Abid Ali has died took the social media by storm and people were deeply saddened. The flow of grieving tweets and support for a family kept the news feeds filled considering the popularity of Abid Ali in Pakistan.

However, Rahma Ali, one of the daughters of Abid Ali, took to Instagram sharing that her father is still alive. She further asked people to stop spreading rumors and let him live till he’s alive!

Here’s what Rahma Ali wrote:

abid ali rahma ali

We really hope and pray that the veteran actor gets well soon and our support is with his family in this tough time.

The actor rose to prominence with Amjad Islam Amjad’s play Waris. He worked in abundant dramas and movies ever since. He is known for his spectacular performance in ARY Digital’s ‘Tootay Huay Taaray‘ alongside Noman Ijaz amid others. 

Having served our entertainment industry for decades, Abid Ali also received the Pride of Performance Award from the government of Pakistan. He recently appeared in the blockbuster movie ‘Heer Maan Ja’.

Abid Ali also joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) last year.

We wish him a life filled with happiness and health galore.

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