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‘Resurrection: Ertugrul’ Producer Aims To Start Joint Projects With Pakistan

YouTube’s world record for the newest subscribers is set to be broken by the Turkish Drama ‘Resurrection: Ertugrul’. Especially in Pakistan, the drama has become a major hit and is gaining more and more popularity with every passing day. After seeing such incredible success in Pakistan, the producer of the drama is pitching to start co-production.

The producer and writer of ‘Resurrection: Ertugrul’ Mehmet Bozdag told Anadolu Agency that he wants the Muslim countries to join hands not only in trade and politics but also in the fields of arts and cultures. The art sector presents a great investment opportunity, so the investors and businessman should pour their investments into it.

Bozdag is surprised by the fact that there haven’t been any previous collaborations between the two countries, despite calling ourselves ‘brother countries.’

‘However, we have never signed a deal in the field of culture and arts. So then where is the fellowship? When one of us is in trouble, both countries are mobilized. But we should also do this act on better days and organize days of culture not only in the cinema but also in the field of cuisine, museums, and history.’

Bozdag is pitching to start joint projects with Pakistan and is hoping that others will follow suit as well. ‘We shall share our experiences with Pakistan and they should share theirs with us, and together we will sign world-shaking deals,’ he said.

Even Bozdag is surprised by the incredible success in such a short time in Pakistan and is very happy that Resurrection: Ertugrul is garnering a lot of attention in Pakistan. In his words, ‘even if Turkey and Pakistan have separate borders, the souls are of one nation.’

After the completion of his degree in history, Bozdag came up with an idea of starting a drama on the Ottoman Empire. He wanted to highlight the establishment, success of the empire throughout the world, and how it became an important Islamic state.

“With these steps, we came up with a story of five seasons, and it will continue as ‘Kurulus: Osman’.”

For Bozdag, today’s Islamic world is missing the spirit of religion, humanity, purity, and justice, that’s the reason everyone is longing for the period. The drama series immediately grabbed the top ranking upon release in Turkey. Bozdag also pointed out that since it’s released in other countries, many people converted to Islam.

The journey to depict the idea of Resurrection: Ertugrul on-screen took a little more than a year. And actors of the series have trained for more than 9 months to do their characters justice on the screen, according to Bozdag.

‘When we started this project, we were not able to find trained horses that ran at the same time, tents were not produced and what people ate during the 13th century was a dilemma. When writing the story, I was 30 years old, the company was new and nobody believed in the project. After I wrote down the story, we invited a painter from Mongolia, and he depicted the story, and so the actors saw the project and had faith in it.’

As the historic data was not up to date, Bozdag stressed that they have to fulfill those gaps by using their imagination. “While imagining, we never forgot about the reality of the period and the spirit of Islam. All of the historical dramas around the world do the same thing. We are not the first ones to come up with this method,” he said.

Bozdag insists that he didn’t come up with the storyline to oppose or in reaction to West, Islamophobia, or orientalism. His work doesn’t aim to garner attention from Hollywood, Bollywood, or anyone that is against/hate Islam.

‘We need to re-explain the art of Islam and the Islamic world because this art and history is a transcendent art from the Taj Mahal to the Alhambra. Today, we have to tell the whole world about the beautiful voice of Islam.’

On the whole, the Turkish series have proved their ability to attract large audiences and achieve success worldwide. According to Bozdag, the real reason for this is the ability of Turkish people to express their emotions which is well depicted in the series and movies.

‘Us Turks know how to express our emotions because we are an emotional society.’

It’s a big challenge to work on a project that involves over 1,000 people, and Bozdag and his team members have gone through all the sweat, blood, and tears to bring this project on the screen.

Bozdag told that ‘Kurulus: Osman’ will be continuing for five to six more years and he thinks it will be right in the top tier of the most popular projects of the season.

Despite the Covid-19 situation, the production of the series is taking place by following all the SOP’s laid out by the government.

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