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Romantic Scenes with Faisal Rehman Are Challenging, Says Hina Altaf

Faisal Rehman gets overly involved in intimate scenes, reveals Hina Altaf

Actress Hina Altaf appeared in an interview and took this opportunity to share her unfiltered thoughts about her interaction with different celebrities in the industry.

Talking to Tabish Hashmi in the first episode of his talk show “To be honest”, Hina Altaf was a little too honest to reveal some shocking facts and experiences in her acting career so far.

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The young diva has worked with some of the most popular Pakistani actors however, she named Emmad Irfani as her favorite actor when it comes to intimate scenes and shared that she got carried away.

Shockingly, Hina Altaf revealed that romantic scenes with the veteran actor Faisal Rehman are challenging as he is overly involved in intimate scenes.

On a lighter note, the actress added that she even scared him once by saying #MeToo.

Here’s what Hina Altaf said:

 “I’ve done a romantic scene with Emmad Irfani and I got carried away. With Faisal Rehman , romantic scenes tend to be challenging . Yahan ungli pakarni hogee, woh banda hath pakr lega. I have to keep my guard on always. I even scared him once by saying ‘Me Too’. After this he kept his distance.”

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Hina then shared her experience with Aamir Liaquat on his game show and revealed that he has a tendency to spit while speaking.

 “Whenever he talks, spit drips from his mouth. When he talks loudly I feel that the seat will break. Beside that I like him and respect him.”

The Udaari actress also called out Muneeb Butt as said he’s arrogant and lacks talent. A clip from this interview had gone viral earlier in 2019 and Aiman Khan and Minal Khan also lashed out at Hina Altaf and called her uneducated.

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