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Sana Javed Talks About Playing Rape Victim in ‘Ruswai’

‘It entailed dying inside a million times and more’, says Sana Javed

The ongoing drama ‘Ruswai’ has left the audience all emotional after it took a heart-wrenching turn and left us wondering what will happen next. Sana Javed as Sameera is playing the role of a rape victim in this drama and her powerful acting in the last two episodes has left the audience teary-eyed.

We have always seen Sana Javed playing a rough and tough girl in Khaani and Darr Khuda Se, who knows her worth and is not afraid to raise her voice. The character of Sameera is no different however, her life has now left her in a miserable condition after she brutally kidnapped and raped. Now, Sameera has lost all the trust, even in her father and is having a hard time accepting reality.

What’s more heartbreaking is the change in the behavior of her husband Salman (Mikaal Zulfiqar) whom she trusted the most after this incident.

Playing a rape victim is not easy, let alone portraying their helplessness and struggles on television. Sana has once again proved her versatility as she has emerged out as a true performer.

Recently Sana Opened Up About Playing The Rape Victim in ‘Ruswai’

The actress feels pride in giving her 100% for this role. She added that it felt like dying inside a million times in each scene which is still way less than the actual victim abuse.

Sana Javed has also asked others to stand together against any harassment.

Here’s what Sana Javed said:

Recently, Sana Javed opened up about playing this role and how s

I take pride in giving or attempting to give a 100% to my characters for each scene.
This took more than that , it entailed dying inside a million times and more which will still be less than the actual victims of abuse. Lets stand together against any and all harrasment.

Where we are happy for Sana Javed for her yet another remarkable performance, it’s also great to see that ‘Ruswai’ is raising awareness about the problems rape victims face in the society which is much needed!

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