Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan Episode 11 – Review

Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan Episode 11 is loaded with forced comedy, plot twists, some unfulfilled desires and a sigh of relief.

Shahrukh ki Saaliyan Episode 11 kicks off with Abu Bakar (Syed Areez) who proposes to Nigaar (Namrah Shahid) unsuccessfully and returns to Anooshey (Ramsha Khan) who tries to prepare him.

Shahrukh witnesses the preparation and rushes to Glucose (Raza Zaidi) and tells him that he wants to kill Abu Bakar and they end up in a local guns dealer’s den. They are now disguised as local mafiosos waiting for Abu Bakar in Glucose’s car where the whole situation turns upside down when Hawaldaar (Rehan Sheikh) suspects that the car owned by Glucose has been robbed. Meanwhile, all the sisters except Nigaar are preparing Abu Bakar for the proposal.

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The humor here is too forced to be true as is the drama. There are comic escapes almost every now and then. The screen time shared by Abu Bakar and Nigaar seem forced as well, so they can let the show running. Either it is a directional fault or Syed Areez is still struggling or maybe both. The characters played by Raza Zaidi and Rehan Sheikh again save the day with their brilliant performance(s). The characters played by Anooshey Khan, Namrah Shahid and Arooba Mirza do not have much to offer so, they did good.                                                                                                                                                            
The whole review can be concluded in one word,  forced. The screenplay guys must do something about the show in order to save it. I thought that this episode will have something new to offer, but here we are. Hoping for a better tomorrow.                                                                                

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