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Social Media Reacts After Firdous Jamal Calls Imran Ashraf’s Act as ‘Bhola’ Pretentious!

Firdous Jamal thinks there’s no one in the industry who is a good actor and has a bright future!

Firdous Jamal is once again in the spotlight for making controversial remarks on young actors in our entertainment industry.

Last time, the veteran actor faced a lot of criticism for age-shaming the superstar Mahira Khan in a morning show. His comments made waves on social media and people as well as celebrities, called him out for criticizing one of the most popular Pakistani actresses.

Once again, Firdous Jamal is in hot waters for expressing his unfiltered thoughts on young Pakistani actors in a TV show. A video that is now going viral on the internet, he undermined the emerging actors in our entertainment industry and called them ‘showpieces’.

When asked about who he thinks is a good performer and has a bright future in the industry, he said that ‘there isn’t one’!

 The thing is all these new actors are actually models. They are all showpieces. They don’t know how to act; they don’t have the wisdom.

Firdous Jamal also compared the young actors and actresses to departmental store dummies who keep changing their wigs and clothes to play different roles!

You know how the manager at the departmental stores some times changes their wigs or clothes or turns them into women? Unfortunately, our young actors are in the same boat.

Not just that, Firdous Jamal also thinks that Imran Ashraf’s act as ‘Bhola’ in the superhit serial Ranjha Ranjha Kardi,  was pretentious.

He thinks that Imran did behave spontaneously and previously, actors have played such roles in a much better way!

The character Imran did wasn’t spontaneous though. It was all pretension. How can I explain spontaneity in acting lingo? It is different from pretension and acting. Imran has acted. This role was previously done by a lot of other actors too. They just didn’t act it – they behaved it.

Where social media is angry over his controversial and degrading remarks for our young actors, ironically, Firdous Jamal feels sad that none of us have actually seen good acting!

The sad bit of it all is how none of you have actually seen good performances.

We all love Imran Ashraf for his hard work and dedication but his down to earth personality is what makes us adore him even more!

As Firdous Jamal’s remarks are now going viral on the internet, Imran Ashraf also shared his stance over this matter. The Inkaar actor took his comments as positive criticism and requested everyone to stop bashing the legendary actor of Pakistan!

Here’s what he said:

imran ashraf firdous jamal


Actor Hamza Firdous, Firdous Jamal’s son, also praised Imran Ashraf’s acting skills and said that he’s one of the best actors among this generation!

Here’s what people have to say about this controversy!

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