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5 Pakistani Dramas That Ruled Our Screens in 2019

Best Pakistani Dramas of 2019 As 2019 is nearing its end, we are coming across various ‘best of’ the year lists, recalling all the top moments that made this year memorable. If we talk about Pakistani dramas, there were many gripping stories and some extraordinary performances that raised the bar high. The trend of focusing […]

Cheekh Last Episode ARY Digital-Review

Cheekh Last Episode brings an emotionally intense and vicious closure wrapped up with layers of strong social messages. The eye-popping grand-finale gives us goosebumps followed by optimist feelings and the eye-watering climax. Cheekh Last episode kicks off with the court proceedings which includes Mannat (Saba Qamar) as the prosecutor. Well, Mannat in an immense subtle […]

Cheekh Episode 29 Ary Digital-Review

Cheekh Episode 29 leaves us in awe via undeniably thrilling and nail-biting sequences. The penultimate episode perfectly shows us the subtle casing of the streamlined conflicts. Cheekh Episode 29 begins with Haya (Azikeh Daniel) who fakes her own abduction with Shariq’s assistance. However, an angry Wajih (Bilal Abbas) gets shaken when he confronts reality about […]

Cheekh Episode 28 ARY Digital – Review

Cheekh Episode 28 paints some tragic and spine-chilling developments which are worth your time. The episode revolves around the circle of Wajih (Bilal Abbas)’s destruction getting narrower. Cheekh Episode 28 kicks off with Mannat (Saba Qamar) who indirectly gives a serious ultimatum to Wajih. On the other hand, Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) could not control his […]

Cheekh Episode 27 ARY Digital – Review

The crime-thriller Cheekh is about to bounce into a new direction and we cannot hold our excitement. Cheekh Episode 27 showcases some crucial occurrences which point out towards the subtle settlement of the conflicts. Cheekh episode 27 kicks off with Mannat (Saba Qamar) who, surprisingly doesn’t utter a single word against Wajih (Bilal Abbas) during […]

Cheekh Episode 26 ARY Digital – Review

Cheekh episode 26 reveals a shocking development which leaves us absolutely dumbfounded. We were not ready for the spin experienced by the story; however, it has given birth to a new dimension. Cheekh episode 26 begins with an unconscious Mannat (Saba Qamar) who is being injected unfavorable drugs by the doctor. However, Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) […]

Cheekh Episode 25 ARY Digital – Review

Cheekh comes on board with a thrilling episode which manages to grab our eyeballs through and through. Cheekh episode 25 elucidates some central developments which will turn the tables soon. Cheekh episode 25 begins with Mannat (Saba Qamar) who undergoes a panic attack when Wajih (Bilal Abbas) comes to visit her. Therefore, she is shifted […]

Cheekh Episode 24 ARY Digital – Review

Cheekh 24 episode revolves around the single development of the sudden death of Mannat’s mother (Gul e Rana) and how she (Saba Qamar) deals with it. Cheekh Episode 24 begins with the unexpected demise of Mannat’s mother. The distressed Mannat is allowed to attend the funeral and is supported by Haya (Azikeh Daniel). Shehwar (Maira […]

Cheekh Episode 23 ARY Digital – Review

The star-studded play gets on a run-of-the-mill track by showcasing yet again a monotonous episode. Cheekh episode 23 does not include anything concrete and focusses more on the current hollow situation aimlessly.   Cheekh episode 23 begins with Wajih (Bilal Abbas), who throws a party at his home post-court decision. Shayaan (Emad Irfani) expresses his […]