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Ehde Wafa Episode 1 Review Hum TV

Ehde Wafa Episode 1 introduces the colorful characters In an era of depressing dramas and sickening soaps, Saife Hasan’s Ehde Wafa comes as a breath of fresh air. Although Ehde Wafa Episode 1 deals with the introduction to most of the characters, it is done in a way that others should learn from. There is no bad […]

Hum TV’s Inkaar Ends With A Bang, Raising The Bar!

Not many drama serials in recent years have left an impact on the audience’s minds like Hum TV’s Inkaar. Zafar Mairaj’s script and Kashif Nisar’s direction made the audience wait for the play on Mondays, wondering whether justice will prevail or not. Thankfully, it ended on a positive note but not before shocking the audience […]

Inkaar Episode 22 – Reviews

Tensions High As Inkaar Episode 22 Takes One Step Closer To Resolution Inkaar Episode 22 may begin on a positive note for the bad guys but ends with the ball in the good guys’ court. Hum TV’s drama Inkaar moves towards its conclusion with its latest episode where things take the right turn. In the […]

Inkaar Episode 19 & 20 – HUM TV Review

Inkaar Episode 19 & 20 Keep The Audience Glued To Their Seats The last two episodes of Hum TV’s Inkaar have come across as way too powerful for both the audience and the performers. The story shifts to a different mood after Rehan Chaudhary’s release from custody. Since there is no Gullu Baadshah to look […]

Inkaar Episode 18 – Review

Story Moves At Lightning Pace In Inkaar Episode 18 Hum TV’s ongoing classic TV serial Inkaar is moving at a lightning pace. Inkaar Episode 18 begins with a powerful scene in which Shayan Malik (Sami Khan) has a conversation with his father (Noor ul Hassan) regarding Hajra (Yumna Zaidi)’s case. After Shayan refuses to accept […]

Inkaar Episode 17 Ends On A Shocking Note

Inkaar Episode 17 has all the ingredients of a classic drama Ever since Gullu Baadshah (Iftikhar Iffi) re-entered Inkaar, the drama went from good to best. In the final moments of the 17th episode, Gullu Baadshah’s character met his death in a fake encounter and left us all sad. This development changes everything in the […]

Inkaar Episode 15 Belongs To Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf delivers his most explosive performance in Inkaar Episode 15 It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Imran Ashraf’s Rehan Chaudhary has now taken over Inkaar. The 15th episode belongs to the actor whose character overshadows all those in the drama, be it the heroic Shayan (Sami Khan) or the wronged Hajra (Yumna Zaidi). […]