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Usman Mukhtar Reveals the Reason Behind Playing Altamash in ‘Anaa’

In an exclusive interview with Omair Alavi, Usman Mukhtar shared that Altamash came into his life when he was struggling and changed everything!

The latest television sensation,  Usman Mukhtar has the charm, personality and looks that make him the heartthrob of this season. The young actor made his television debut as Altamash in the blockbuster serial ‘Anaa’ and instantly left a mark with his performance.

Previously, Usman has received praises for his acting skills in theatres and two films – Janaan and Parchi. However, his role as Altamash definitely earned him huge popularity and applaud.

Not only that, the on-screen couple of Altamash and Izzah (Naimal Khawar) has got a separate fan following and their fans go gaga over their chemistry!

Recently, Usman Mukhtar revealed the actual reason behind playing this groundbreaking role of career and shared the struggles he was facing initially.

Talking to Omair Alavi in an exclusive interview, Usman shared that Altamash came into his life when he was struggling, and it changed everything.

Usman Mukhtar shared that he waited for a good project till Anaa came his way. He instantly liked the script and the character but for some reason, he was confused as he was new to the drama industry.

He shared that it was actually Naimal Khawar who pushed him to take the role of Altamash because she somehow, knew it was going to be great. Usman shared that he is good friends with Naimal Khawar even before they worked in Anaa.

Naimal and I have been good friends and we have been like that since before Anaa. In fact, she forced me and convinced me to do Anaa because at that time I was confused, and she just knew it.

Where we couldn’t stop drooling over the amazing chemistry of Altamash and Izzah, Usman Mukhtar shared the reality is completely different. He said that his relationship with Naimal is more of like a sibling and he was very happy when she got married to Hamza Ali Abbasi.

On the screen, we were paired together but there was never a possibility of me getting married to her. We were more like siblings and I was very happy that she got married to Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Interestingly, he also saw all those memes that surfaced on the internet after Naimal got married to Hamza. Usman shared that it was funny and frustrating at the same time when people came to ask me he was ‘OK’ after this news broke. For him, it’s funny to think of this like that.

Considering that he’s on his way to becoming the next star, Usman has got many admirers. When asked about how he handles this fame and when random people ask for selfies, he said that he enjoys it.

Usman added that his fans say that they love his work, it makes him feel important!

I really enjoy it since it’s very sweet, a very nice gesture. These people who come to me are also scared as they don’t know how I will react even if it is for a selfie. But when they say that they are a fan and loved your work, it makes your day. Such comments always make you feel important and the feeling that your hard work has paid off is great.

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Wow. Congratulations. Bara naam roshan kiya hai aapne. Koi mithai wagera nahin lai aap? Aap to zahanat ka ek bohot he bara namoona hain. 4 Ds and 1 F. Wah. Well done. Isn’t this the expression and aren’t those the words you hear to make you feel that you’re not good enough? Fuck that. Here’s my two cents. If you put in work and you failed, you did everything you could. If you did not put in work and you failed, you need to reconsider your life and goals. The hard truth is, grades don’t matter in the long run. The habit of putting in your everything into something does matter. The habit stays. If you’ve failed, don’t listen to what people say. Listen to yourself and tell yourself you will put in your everything into anything that you do from now on. Prove everyone wrong. Rise. #workhard #instadaily #usmanmukhtar #giveitall

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The multi-talented star has also worked as a Director of Photography in Parchi. He said that he is not a cinematographer because it comes with a big responsibility and a lot of pressure. However, he hopes to make short films in the future and also, to direct a feature film in the coming years.

About performing in theatre, the Anaa star shared that it is the best medium for an actor and “nothing is better than that!”

Usman also shared some details about his upcoming projects. He’s currently working on a drama ‘Sabaat’ these days with Sarah Khan as his love interest. The drama is directed by Shehzad Kashmiri of Anaa fame.

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