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What to Expect from Ruswai Episode 10?

Ruswai Episode 10 – Will Salman Choose Sameera or the Society?

Into the 10th week of Ruswai and oh boy, we are completely addicted to this drama that is making us cry our hearts out every week!

From exceptional direction by Rubina Ashraf to bring this heart-wrenching story on our screens, penned down by Naila Ansari, to some amazing performances by its ensembled cast, our love for this drama keeps growing and we cannot wait to find out what happens next!

So far Sana Javed as Sameera has startled the audience with her enduring strength as a rape survivor. Where she’s facing the trauma of that incident, she also has to face the change in the behavior of her loved ones and this aspect shows the true face of our society.

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Mehmood (Muhammad Ahmed) cannot get over the guilt of letting her daughter go that day and he’s still trying to recover from that. The actor is doing a brilliant job to express the pain of a father when his daughter loses her trust in him and he cannot do anything about it. On the other hand, his wife Zakiya (Seemi Raheel), has become more fearful and afraid of everything and she’s not letting Sameera take a stand for herself.

However, being a strong and resilient girl that Sameera is, she has not backed off from her stance and wants to see her rapists behind the bars.

But the only person who is supporting her in this cause is Hamza (Osama Tahir) who can now officially be called the best brother on TV this season.

Salman and Sameera’s relationship

Salman (Mikaal Zulfiqar) has clearly told Sameera that their relationship would end if she decides to go to the court. However, Sameera gave up on her decision after Salman survived an accident, she’s still haunted by that incident and won’t find closure.

This behavior from Salman is definitely not what Sameera wants to see at this time as she expects him to become her strength. Both Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqar have come across as true performers and we love their irresistible chemistry. This disagreement between the two will definitely have an effect on their relationship for they fought so hard.

The relationship between Hamza and Warda is also at stake because of Salman’s behavior towards Sameera. Warda is not only trying to talk some sense into her brother and mother (Irsa Ghazal) but she’s also trying everything to support her in-laws.

The latest episode ended after Warda decided to leave her house and live with Hamza and we can now see the situation getting worse on both ends.

What to Expect from Ruswai Episode 10?

It seems like Salman will now have to make a choice between Sameera and society. The promo shows that he’d realize that his love for Sameera is more important than anything and that would definitely help her to get over the past.

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This news would obviously trouble Salman’s mother (Irsa Ghazal) who seems like the only antagonist in this story. Where the actress has done a great job in portraying a typical, hypocrite and selfish person and she makes us hate her even more by her cringeworthy way of talking.

However, it’d be really interesting to see how Salman will support Sameera after their marriage. Would he able to accept her like before and allow her to go to the court to testify against her rapists? Or his behavior will further affect Sameera’s condition?

What do you think will happen next? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned to Dramabaaz for more updates and news!

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