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Yasir Hussain Faces Backlash For Talking About Minimalist Wedding

Yasir Hussain faces backlash on social media after he penned down a note on having a minimalist wedding

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz recently tied the knot and it proved to be the biggest wedding of the year.

From the famous LSA proposal to engagement pictures the couple was all over the news. Iqra and Yasir also had some big events including Mayun and Mehndi before their beautiful wedding which proved to be a star-studded affair.

Recently, Yasir Hussain posted a picture from his big day and penned down a note on having a minimalist wedding.

The actor wrote how the couple made sure not to have an extravagant wedding and has also urged others to do the same.

Here’s what Yasir Hussain wrote:

bhaiyon aur behno.. shadi itni mushkil cheez nahi hai jitna hum ne mil k usy bana dia hai . mai ne shadi gher mai hi karni thi magar choti jagah ki wajah se gher se bahar shift ki. hum ne aik dosry ki families ko koi ghairzaroori gifts nahi diye.. jahez nahi lia. bari nahi bani. fazool zevraat pe paisy kharch nahi kiye. nikah khwan k 8000 aur khana hasb e istetaat. shadi bus yehi hai . apny gher walon pe rehem karen aur Shadi ko asaan banaen 🙏🏼

However, Yasir Hussain is facing a backlash on social media considering the hype around his recently concluded wedding which took the internet by storm.

People are talking about the amount they spent on designer dresses and jewellery

However, there are many people who loved how Iqra and Yasir made their big day special without wasting too much


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